Women Describe Their Orgasms

Excerpts from The Hite Report by Sheri Hite

? Some are just a quick hard rush that shoots through my body like a bolt of lightning. Others feel like a slow burn. They build up over time. They tease me. They float up and down my body, spreading out like concentric circles until there’s a burst of release.


? My orgasms feel like water shooting up through the top of a fountain, tickling all the way, then shooting out in electric vibrations through my body.


? During masturbation or cunnilingus, there is a strong feeling of the clitoris expanding and filling and becoming unbearably pleasurable, after which at about the moment of orgasm there is a shift to the vaginal area and then strong contractions to the vagina, with me trembling and swooning.


? For me, orgasm is often this very still point. There’s lots of movement as I’m getting increasingly excited, but when I come, everything becomes intense and still.


? Orgasm is the most intensely pleasurable sensation I have ever experienced. It varies from a simple, too-quickly-concluded genital jolt to a full body rush.


? There is .an almost frantic itch-pain-pleasure in my vagina and clitoral area that seems almost insatiable, it is also extremely hot and I lose control of everything, then there is an explosion of unbelievable warmth and relief to the itch-pain-pleasure! It is really indescribable and what I’ve just written doesn’t explain it at all!  WORDS!


? Sometimes orgasm feels very concentrated in my genitals. Other times, it’s totally diffuse throughout my body. Sometimes, if I’m stressed out, it just feels like a physical release. When I’m relaxed, I feel like I’m floating in a place where there is no time and space,”


? Suddenly, after the tension built and built, I was soaring in the sky, going up, up, up, feeling the cool air rushing by. My insides were tingling and my skin was cool. My heart was racing in a good way, and breathing was a job.


? Throbbing is the best word to say what it is like. The throbbing starts as a faint vibration, then builds up in wave after wave where time seems to stand still.


? My orgasms feel like pulsating bursts of energy starting in my pelvic area and then engulfing my whole body. Sometimes I feel like I’m in freefall, and sometimes I feel like my body’s an entire orchestra playing a grand crescendo.


? “Before, I feel a tremendous surge of tension and a kind of delicious feeling I can’t describe. Then orgasm is like the excitement and stimulation I have been feeling, increased, for an instant, a hundred-fold.”


? The physical sensation is beautifully excruciating. It begins in the clitoris, and also surges into my whole vaginal area.”


? Orgasm starts as a pressure from within and a tingling tension near the clitoris, which spreads to the vagina inside my abdomen.  There is a general stretching tension throughout until orgasm breaks.

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