Payment and Insurance

Most are interested to know if insurance will cover the cost of therapy with Andrew Aaron, LICSW. Below is detailed how you may get reimbursed from your insurance company.

Health Insurance?

ANDREW DOES NOT TAKE INSURANCE. An exception to this is employees of SouthCoast Hospitals. This means that he is paid directly at the time of service. Upon request, he will provide you with an invoice, so that you may obtain reimbursement from your insurance company. If you have out-of-network benefits, your insurance company will reimburse for most of the cost of your therapy.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, United Healthcare, United Behavioral Health, Tufts, GIC and others may reimburse a portion of the cost of treatment, but require that as a part of your policy you have out-of-network mental health benefits.

Most HMO policies do not have these benefits while POS and PPO policies usually do. To learn more about your particular health insurance benefits, contact your health insurance company by calling the phone number for mental health or behavioral health on the back of your health insurance card. To find out if your insurance company will reimburse you, ask them specifically ask about:

  1. Availability of out-of-network mental health benefits.
  2. If you have an out-of-network mental health deductible. Is it individual or family?
  3. Whether or not pre-authorization is required.
  4. The number of sessions per year the insurance company will cover.
  5. The amount they will reimburse you per session.

Payment is due at the time of service, at the end of each 50 minute session.

* Credit Card is the preferred method of payment, though payment using cash or personal checks is also accepted.

* Upon request, invoices for the cost of treatment will be provided, for submission to an insurance company for reimbursement. Invoices will be either hand-delivered at a subsequent session or sent via password-protected email, so long as an email address if indicated on the Provider-Patient Contact Consent Form and authorized by signature.

* It is the client’s responsibility to know and understand his or her insurance policy and benefits and to determine if the insurance company will offer reimbursements for treatment received from Andrew Aaron, LICSW.

* Sending a bill for services is not part of the regular procedure and will occur only under unusual circumstances.

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