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Relationship TherapistUnlike most other therapists, Andrew Aaron specializes in helping couples and individuals with the challenges of love relationships and sexuality. He has made this the singular focus of his career, meaning that Andrew Aaron has great experience with the unique difficulties that arise between lovers and spouses. Not all therapists specialize in love relationships.

If you had a brain tumor, would you be comfortable having a general doctor perform the surgery or would you prefer to have a brain surgeon remove the tumor? The general doctor may cost less, but is the risk worth it? Do not risk your relationship with a therapist who does not have the experience and knowledge of the complexities of love relationships.

Andrew Aaron is capable of resolving your relationship and/or sexual problems more quickly than therapists who are less expensive but also less experienced in matters of love. Getting help from Andrew Aaron may save you much time and pain, in addition to the future of your relationship. All therapy-related costs are tax deductible.
In All Matters of Love, Intimacy and Passion.

About Andrew Aaron

Living life with passion means possessing a healthy aliveness. Nowhere is living with passion more important than in love relationships.

Why is it so difficult to keep a love relationship on track? How can we keep the love and closeness alive? Is it possible to maintain the passion in sex?

It is possible. To do so, people must possess or develop the capacity to be emotionally strong and loving. Being strong means having the ability to make the right choices, for ourselves or others, even if the choices are difficult or unpopular. Being loving is the capacity to let go of ourselves; to temporarily choose to disregard our own needs by supporting the growth, nourishment and well-being of another.

By knowing ourselves well, our strengths and limitations, it is vital that we learn to love and trust ourselves. It is done by choosing to be a friend to ourselves, in spite of our own faults. Even in our love relationships, and especially in our love relationships, being true to ourself is a necessary part of maintaining passion.

If we do not possess these qualities, the passion in our love relationship will fade away and the passion in sex, too, will eventually be lost.

His Biography

Andrew Aaron, LICSW, graduated with a Masters degree in Social Work from Simmons College, Graduate School of Social Work in 1994. For more than 25 years he has helped hundreds of couples and individuals get beyond problems, feel better and love more fully. During his internships in 1992 and 1993, he began working with individuals and couples. Shortly after graduating, he took jobs in both Fall River and New Bedford Massachusetts working with a wide variety of people including the elderly, couples, adults and children.

For four years starting in 1997, he worked in a locked facility for teenage boys helping misdirected, often violent, male teens straighten out their lives’ paths. For two years, starting in 1999, Andrew received additional education and training in the sphere of human sexuality and love relationships. Also in 1999 he started his private practice in New Bedford, within the professional group mental health practice of Psychiatric and Psychological Associates, where he continues helping couples and individuals.

In the last ten years he has presented publicly, hosted a radio program, been on television, written a column for the Standard Times Newspaper and for the past ten years, been a monthly columnist for SoCo magazine on the topics of sexuality, intimacy, passion and love relationships.

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