In relationship therapy, also called marriage counseling by many, couples seek to either repair their connection or improve the quality of their togetherness.  Whether or not a couple can reach their goal, is a matter of each partner’s ability to love.

Can we love?  And how well can we love?  Perhaps learning to love, and learning to love deeply is the purpose of life.  To love more deeply is an exercise that is appropriate for everyone.  We can all love more deeply, and it is in our love relationship that we are provided a daily opportunity to practice doing so.

The capacity of a person’s ability to love depends upon her or his relationship with him or herself.  Just as a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, a relationship is no stronger than the weaker partner’s relationship with him or herself.  So the task to be completed in relationship therapy, is to encourage each partner to learn to love him or herself.  For individuals with low self-esteem and insecurities a love relationship will be very challenging.  Without loving ourself, we have no capacity to love another.

It takes two strong people to make one strong relationship.

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