Meet Andrew Aaron

Andrew Aaron, LICSW, graduated with a Masters degree in Social Work from Simmons College, Graduate School of Social Work in 1994. For more than 25 years he has helped hundreds of couples and individuals get beyond problems, feel better and love more fully. During his internships in 1992 and 1993, he began working with individuals and couples. Shortly after graduating, he took jobs in both Fall River and New Bedford Massachusetts working with a wide variety of people including the elderly, couples, adults and children.

For four years starting in 1997, he worked in a locked facility for teenage boys helping misdirected, often violent, male teens straighten out their lives’ paths. For two years, starting in 1999, Andrew received additional education and training in the sphere of human sexuality and love relationships. Also in 1999 he started his private practice in New Bedford, within the professional group mental health practice of Psychiatric and Psychological Associates, where he continues helping couples and individuals.

Featured In

Relationship Therapy

Loving another can be among the most rewarding life experiences, but also among the most difficult. In the rigors of getting it right, couples often get stuck and love gets blocked. Andrew Aaron, LICSW has decades of experience helping couples get unstuck and returning to a loving connection.

Sex Therapy

The joys of sex! When sex is right it is easy and simple. But when difficulties form, sex may seem complicated and impossible. Andrew Aaron, LICSW helps couples solve emotionally-based sexual difficulties, helps couples develop new and improved skills as lovers and helps others to elevate their intimate life to lofty pleasures.

Individual Therapy

Life is hard. Whether you are striving to find a suitable romantic partner, overcoming anxiety and depression, or having difficulty in a life transition, Andrew Aaron, LICSW can help support your growth and success elegantly with courage and strength.