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Andrew Aaron, LICSW
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Capable of helping romantic partners

with problems about which

few therapists are experienced. 

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Unlike most other therapists, Andrew Aaron specializes in helping couples and individuals with the challenges of love relationships and sexuality.  He has made this the singular focus of his career, meaning that Andrew Aaron has great experience with the unique difficulties that arise between lovers and spouses. Few therapists specialize in love relationships.

If you had a brain tumor, would you be comfortable having a general doctor perform the surgery or would you prefer to have a brain surgeon remove the tumor?  The general doctor may cost less, but is the risk worth it? Do not risk your relationship with a therapist who does not have the experience and knowledge of the complexities of love relationships.


While more expensive, Andrew Aaron is capable of resolving your relationship and/or sexual problems more quickly than therapists who are less expensive but also less experienced in matters of love.  Getting help from Andrew Aaron may cost more, but may save you much time and pain, and perhaps even the future of your relationship. All therapy-related costs are tax deductible.  (Costs of getting help)