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Quotations for Strength & Love

Sex is play. You begin to win in your sex life when you come from this position.

- Margo Woods

Sex Therapy
Sexual Problems
Having a Sexual Problem
Building Passion
Why Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy differs little from traditional talk-based psychotherapy, except that the focus of the treatment is on solving sexual problems, and the sex therapist is a professional who is specially trained in the complex arena of human sexuality. And just like traditional psychotherapy, sex therapy involves no touching between patient and therapist and absolutely no sex between patient and therapist.

There is a significant distinction between a professional known as a sex surrogate, and a sex therapist. Unlike the sex therapist, the sex surrogate aids a patient in overcoming sexual challenges by actually engaging together with the patient in touching and sexual experiences.

How does sex therapy work? The traditional form of psychotherapy is effective in solving many sexual problems because emotions play a huge role in sexual functioning and experience, and by talking about the particular difficulties you have, your emotions are elicited, causing you to become more aware of how you function in different parts of your life, such as when you are being sexual with a loved one.

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