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What Some People Say


The following testimonials from former clients are not shared as a guarantee of outcome. 

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Just a note to let you know how L and I are doing. I can't believe we've been married for over a year now and our relationship is so awesome; thanks to you.   We welcomed KM into the world last week, weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 5 oz and 20 3/4 inches. He is so perfect but of course we're quite biased.  You'll never know how truly grateful we are to your patience and support while we were in therapy.  It is still a work in progress but we find ourselves quoting you all the time.  I'll have to admit that the 3rd trimester was quite stressful with a rush of hormones causing her to be quite difficult at times, but we survived! I'm sure these early days will be quite stressful but I think we have the skills to cope.

I just wanted to thank you for helping J and I with our relationship. You have given us some wonderful, insightful, and very useful tools to help us each day.

We will continue to do our work that you have given us.

Thank you again for all your wisdom and suggestions. We were helped very much by seeing you and would certainly be happy to refer you to others having difficulty.

You have been really helpful to us. I really appreciate your understanding and insight. Thank you.


Andy, my wife  and I both feel that being counseled by you was an important  factor in saving our marriage.  We found our way back to recapture the love we thought was all but lost.  Thank you for supporting us in such a caring and impartial way.


Andrew Aaron has helped me to help myself acquire a much more compassionate and fulfilling life in a safe environment. He has provided me with the tools to explore and understand parts of myself I have not known. With his insights I have found paths to self-awareness and self-knowledge and ways to explore my life with sensitivity and forgiveness. His empathy and intelligence have had a profound impact on my life.



We were a young, healthy couple with a great marriage trying to start a family, but after nearly 3 years we had no success.  We both were tested by various doctors, who found nothing to be wrong.  Our sex life was okay, but not great.  It was plagued by a great deal of tension and not a lot of enjoyment.  We both grew up in very conservative, religious households where sex was not talked about, and was viewed as a taboo issue.  We decided to go to Andy with the goal of helping our sex life and the hope of starting a family.  The initial phone consultation went quite well; Andy spent a considerable amount of time listening to our story and issues.  We started seeing Andy weekly, and he was able to quickly reveal the underlying issues, mostly anxiety, that led to our sexual problems.  After only a couple of months of seeing him our sex life was greatly improved, and our already great marriage was even better.  Two months after that, much of the anxiety that had plagued our sexual encounters was gone, and we were able to give ourselves to each other completely.  A month later, we found out we were pregnant with our first child, something we had tried so hard for but had not achieved through other paths.  We would encourage anyone experiencing sexual, relationship, or anxiety issues to see Andy for help.  He has an amazing memory, and great ability to get to the root of an issue and treat it through very effective discussions and exercises.  Andy is also very methodical and gives very clear precise instructions and steps to complete before moving forward.  He always makes you feel comfortable and at ease.    Without his help we don’t believe that we would have been able to experience the joys of a pregnancy and the expansion of our family.