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Andrew Aaron, LICSW
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Capable of helping romantic partners

with problems about which

few therapists are experienced. 

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Quotes For Strength and Love

Each gender views the other as childish in the areas of its own strength.

-Andrew Aaron

New Patient Form
The Process of Becoming a New Patient

1.  Submit the New Patient Form: After you submit the form on the right, Andrew Aaron will contact you by phone.  He will try to call you as close as possible to the times you specified. If you wish to have your health insurance help with the expense, contact your insurance company to determine what you can expect from them.  Important isurance questions are found here.

2.  Have a Phone Conversation: During that phone call, he will ask more questions about your situation and the issues you would like to focus on in therapy. 

3.  Provide a Credit Card Number: Please have a credit card number ready to provide during the phone call.  This is taken for security purposes.  Two working-days advance notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Short notice cancelations and missed appointments result in an automatic charge to the credit card for the cost of the reserved hour.

4.  Schedule an appointment: Together you will negotiate a mutually agreeable time for your first appointment.

5.  Fill Out Intake Forms: You will receive an email inviting you to login to the client portal.  Once inside, you will find the new patient intake forms.  Please read through them and sign off.

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