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Capable of helping romantic partners

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few therapists are experienced. 

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Beyond hourly relationship therapy, several other options are available to get help for your relationship from         Andrew Aaron, LICSW:



For those couples who require an intensive experience to raise love to the next level, Andrew Aaron, LICSW is available to spend an entire day with the couple, while addressing all issues, large and small.  The value of such an experience may be instrumental in making progress towards solving intractable difficulties and greater romantic satisfaction.  A day long experience may help to dislodge couples from areas where they are stuck!  Day Long Intensives are scheduled upon request. Learn More and Register...



In the safe environment with three or four couples, Andrew Aaron, LICSW leads this day-long experience using the unique challenges each couple brings.  Couples have the advantage of learning fom each others' experience. Vital relationship concepts are taught, demonstrated and implemented so as to repair, build and maintain satisfying love relationships.  This can be a transformative experience!  Andrew Aaron, LICSW focuses on ways for couples to move beyond "stuck" while maintaining a safe, sharing learning environment.



In this one and one-half day event , Andrew Aaron, LICSW leads a growing experience of 10 to 20 couples.  Topics include the reasons why couples get stuck and grow apart.  The actions and emotions which prevent couples from deepening their connection of love are discussed. How couples are prevented from repairing their connection of love and pro-active ways to avoid such romantic pitfalls are explored.  Real-life challenges and experiences of participants are used to demonstrate and illustrate key concepts, while privacy is maintained.  Within the retreat, each couple's specific difficulties will be addressed directly by Andrew Aaron, LICSW.  Contact him to learn of upcoming retreats.

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