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Make Your Love Effective

Too many couples live for years within dissatisfying relationships and marriages.  Long-term committed relationships are extremely challenging.  Out of these struggles comes a common problem...couples get stuck in unhealthy, negative patterns that can seem impossible to correct.  The longer a negative pattern of pain and disconnection has been in place, the more hopeless partners feel that their relationship or marriage can ever be satisfying.  Stuck couples often are on the brink of divorce or break-up.

The DAY LONG INTENSIVE is designed to get couples unstuck!

Other couples seek the focused experience of the DAY LONG INTENSIVE to raise their marraige or relationship to the next level of closeness and connection even if their relationship is not dissatisfying, but feel the need to deepen their connection.  The DAY LONG INTENSIVE is a wonderful alternative to ongoing relationship therapy which may take many months.

COMMON ISSUES ADDRESSED: Anger, Anxiety, Conflict, Defining Love, Fear, Hurtfulness, Disrespect, Out-Of-Control Arguments, Disconnection, Lack of Passion, Intimacy Problems, Parenting Issues, Financial Differences, Depression, Contempt, Jealousy, Insecurity, Distrust, Infidelities, Control Problems, Power Imbalances, Self-Esteem Issues, Communication/ Lack of Communication, Resolving Partner Difference, Past Trauma, Emotional Safety, Unhappiness, Dissatisfaction, Sexuality.

During an entire 7 hour day, divided into morning and afternoon 3.5 hour sessons, the couple's challenges, emotions and history are given intense focus with the goal of creating a relationship-shift from dysfunctional grid-lock to greater flow of love, respect and connection. Some time will be spent one-on-one with each partner. The morning session includes an evaluation of the couple's strengths and limitations. The afternoon sesison will conclude with a specific plan of action, with goals and actions for each specific partner and as a couple, so the relationship may continue to benefit from the DAY LONG INTENSIVE for months thereafter.

The DAY LONG INTENSIVE is a rare growing experience.  Fill out the New Patient Form by following the link below.  In the form please specify your interest in the DAY LONG INTENSIVE in the bottom box.


COST: $1500.00

Quotes for Love and Strength


 Love is:


action and effort 

which supports and nourishes 

another's well-being and growth 

while also protecting 

him or her from harm.